Wear A Mask

The polarization of the global pandemic was creating barriers for health professionals to do their job. The American Hospital Association came to us to develop messaging under the simple imperative, that wearing a mask saves lives. We developed a series of video content to distribute to its 5000 member hospitals for national use.

Winning an unwinnable debate.

Mask wearing had become cultural football, a symbol of political identity and hardened opposition. Hospitals found that even their local governments couldn’t agree on mask enforcement. The debate was an unwinnable argument about everything but health. So, we thought about life before the pandemic, and the things we love and missed, the things that make us whole. We set out to help people remember life as it once was — all the pleasures we can enjoy again simply by putting on a mask.

Creative Director: Nathan Juarez, Art Director: Bridget Beniest, Copywriter: Angelica Diamond, Editor: Nathan Juarez