Health Esteem

Created a culturally relevant campaign that would change the perception of what ‘healthy’ meant called “Health Esteem.” With unique messaging that re-framed how being healthy didn’t mean radical lifestyle changes, I created a campaign that reinforced the simple steps to being healthy. The campaign launched on TV, Radio, Social, OOH, and leveraged local micro-influencers. The campaign centered around a mobile app with hundreds of activities that helped users adopt healthy behaviors and provided daily reminders of self-selected healthy activities.

The Campaign

Rather than lecturing consumers on being healthy, the initial brand campaign sought to reach the human behind the patient, meeting people at whatever stage of their health journey they were at to help them feel better about themselves. Campaign messaging focused on how they should take time for themselves, hug one another, or just laugh more often. The campaign also supported the health system’s service lines by tying simple health tips to more in-depth content addressing significant health issues for those who need it. By focusing on self-esteem, the campaign encouraged people across Louisiana to tell themselves, “I deserve good health, and FMOLHS is helping me realize my definition of health.”

Connecting With Friends, Print

Office Lunges – Social Post

HealthEsteem App

Nap Time, Social Post

Power Naps, Out of Home

Personal Time, Out of Home

MM&M Gold  Winner
Use of Hospital or Healthcare Services Marketing, 2019

The campaign set out to change the conversation about health, shifting consumer perception of FMOLHS from just another health provider to a partner in health. MM&M Award info


Impressions from Social Media alone


Increase in top-of-mind awareness in the month following the launch


Increase in performance for inpatient hospital in the month following the launch


Social Engagements

Creative Director: Paul Hackett, Art Director: Nathan Juarez, Copywriter: Angelica Diamond, Production: Alkemy-X