Health Esteem

This multi-year fully integrated campaign was design to change the way we think, approach, and ultimately live a healthy life style. It came from state-wide research in Louisiana coupled with health data to come to the truth of what was plaguing the health of a state: They didn’t think they deserved it, and didn’t know how to start being healthy.

The Core

We developed a platform where people could gain control of their health and track their progress via a mobile app filled with tools, tips, and suggestions to get users started.


For this campaign to work, we needed strong surround content that would amplify the simple message. With the help of strong social content + influencer recruitment, created stories and sub stories for both paid and organic efforts.


We created a series of 15 second TV shorts, about 9 total, along with longer form TV to describe the simplicity of the campaign and how little moments of health can yield big results.